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    1. About us

      Taishan Hengxin Co., Ltd

      hengxinTaishan Hengxin Co.,Ltd.,established in January 2007 with a registered capital of 115 million yuan,is located in Tai'an national high tech Industrial Development Zone. The company focuses on the construction of digital interconnection platform and intelligent factory in food brewing industry,integrates green and low-carbon,ecological and environmental protection,intelligent wisdom and other key elements,and effectively promotes the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of industry automation,informatization and intelligence,It has become a national key specialized and new "little giant" enterprise(2021) integrating process R & D,equipment manufacturing and general contracting services.
      • 2007Year The company was founded in
      • 30province Serving the whole country
      • 600+ Baijiu industry
      • 50+ Condiment industry
      • 50+ Bioengineering industry
      About us

      Development History

      • 2007
        Founded in 2007,Shandong Taishan Hengxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
      • 2010
        Innovation in automation field in 2010,Self developed automatic blending system equipments
      • 2015
        Renamed in 2015,Taishan Hengxin Co., Ltd. and has passed the National High-tech Enterprise Certification
      • 2018
        Key honors were approved in 2018,Shandong Gazelle Enterprise(First Batch), Shandong Province One Enterprise One Technology R&D Center
      • 2019
        Won the national honor in 2019,National intellectual property advantage enterprises, top 30 light industrial equipment enterprises in China
      • 2020
        Won the honor of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2020,National specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, the first batch of demonstration enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the application of intellectual property rights
      • 2021
        Won the national honor again in 2021,National level manufacturing industry single champion demonstration enterprise, national key specialized and new "little giant" enterprise
      • 2022
        Enter the field of intelligent brewing in 2022,Together with the R&D team of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we founded Zhongke Hengxin Intelligent Technology (Tai'an) Co., Ltd.

      Engineering Case


      Corporate News